Stephanie speaks at a podium with her hair pulled back. She is wearing glasses, a black blazer, and yellow shirt

Stephanie Larson is an ASBH-certified Health Care Ethics Consultant and graduate of the Cleveland Clinic’s Postdoctoral Fellowship in Advanced Bioethics. During her fellowship training Stephanie participated in over 450 clinical ethics consultations and gained specialization in genetic ethics and clinic disability bioethics. She holds a PhD in English with a certificate in bioethics from Emory University. During her graduate training Stephanie completed a bioethics practicum at Grady Memorial Hospital where she contributed to the development of a tool to support decision-making for patients who lack capacity. Prior to earning her PhD Stephanie served as a Frost Dean’s Teaching Fellow at the University of New Mexico.

Broadly situated in the health humanities, Stephanie’s interdisciplinary research and teaching interests include genetics, disability bioethics, public health, and clinical ethics. Her health humanities work focuses on a narrative approach to public health ethics.

Stephanie’s scholarship has appeared in The Journal of Medical Humanities, The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Literature and Medicine, Disability Studies Quarterly, The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation, and The Journal of Clinical Ethics.

She can be reached at Stephaniealarson8@gmail.com